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Why wait for outcomes to gauge your success?

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Most companies understand how to measure business outcomes. But how do you quantify—and then influence—the day-to-day actions that drive those outcomes? How do you measure actions such as:

  • How time is used
  • How people communicate and collaborate
  • How teams function across your organization
  • How business processes affect decision making, innovation, and speed to market
  • How customer and partner relationships are thriving—or not thriving

It’s these and other ways of working that describe what your business really looks like. But how do you measure and quantify the impact these critical data points?

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Microsoft has solved this problem

The data you already have can reveal new insights about the way work gets done, empowering you to explain and even predict the impact of everyday actions—giving you more control over your business outcomes. This is workplace intelligence.

Workplace intelligence empowers organizations to set targeted goals based on predicted business outcomes, and guides individuals and teams to better work habits and norms through a personalized experience. This cycle of discovery and change is embedded into the rhythm of business through a regular cadence of measuring impact and optimizing the way people work. Get better every day by using workplace intelligence to embrace data-driven transformational change.

Unlock opportunity where it matters most:
Enterprise agility. Employee Experience. Customer focus.

Armed with workplace intelligence, organizations understand quantitatively what drives success, empowering them to adapt swiftly and confidently to capitalize on market pressures and demands. They understand how to cultivate an engaged, effective, and happy workforce, and attract and retain top talent. And they have the insights they need to innovate, nurture relationships, and close more deals faster.

How you can do it

When people use collaboration tools such as chat, email, and calendar, they generate digital footprints that are captured in the Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics apply intelligence to the data behind the Microsoft Graph and turn those insights into action. Explore opportunities to impact business results at the organizational level using aggregated, de-identified data. And empower employees to harness individual, personalized insights that will guide them to work smarter.

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