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Webinar: Culture scores: How to win big in a data-driven world

Donald Farmer and Scott Adams

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. That’s because good cultures foster innovation from the outset. Employees shine because they love what they do. They feel supported by management, and have the tools and resources they need to get their job done well. In today’s complex and often far-flung organizations, behavioral data plays an ever greater role in shaping not only what a company does, but how it operates and grows over time.

Join The Bloor Group, Treehive Consulting, and Microsoft for a webinar that dives deep into this reality and cutting-edge strategies and solutions. Hear Donald Farmer of Treehive Consulting discuss the virtues of greater visibility into the operations of organizations. He’ll explain how insights from behavioral data can help companies not just improve their current processes and products, but also create new innovations, products and services. Also joining will be Scott Adams of Microsoft Workplace Analytics, who will share success stories about how powerful behavioral data is helping companies transform and adapt to fast-moving market trends.

Webinar: Culture scores: How to win big in a data-driven world

Watch the webinar below. And see our past and upcoming people analytics webinars here.


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