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New AI-powered insights help employees find focus time, network, and increase wellbeing

Kamal Janardhan

May 6, 2019

It’s no secret that work and life are speeding up. It’s not uncommon to spend all day in meetings, writing emails, or on the phone, leaving little time to focus on what is most important to you. Many of us have never-ending to-do lists and spend time working after hours to complete pressing tasks. MyAnalytics, your source of personal productivity insights in Microsoft 365, was built to help with these very challenges—and today it’s getting a refresh.

Via a dashboardInsights in Outlook, and weekly email digests, MyAnalytics provides insights and AI-powered suggestions to help you work smarter. A new MyAnalytics experience—generally available starting today—makes the insights more outcome-oriented in four key areas: focuswellbeingnetwork, and collaboration. For example, insights that previously showed you the hours you spent on email, chats, calls, and meetings outside your working hours over the past week now show you the number of days you successfully disconnected after work over the past month. That way, you can set goals and build habits that help you achieve more quiet days.

Learn more in our Microsoft 365 blog and by watching the video below.

Portrait of Kamal Janardhan

Kamal Janardhan

Kamal Janardhan is Director of Product Management at Microsoft for MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics.